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内容摘要: In the feast ofatin 2017, technology stocks are undoubtedly an indispensable and important driving force. According to statistics, the Unit...

In the feast of at in 2017, technology stocks are undoubtedly an indispensable and important driving force. According to statistics, the United States composed of high-tech growth stocks NASDAQ 100 Index and Hong Kong, China Hang Seng IT Industry Index This year's gains are far ahead in the global market. Awkwardness of overseas technology shares of the QDII and Shanghai-Hong Kong fund have achieved good results.

By contrast, Shenzhen GEM, which is dominated by technology stocks, has quite a few "gaunt" qualifications this year. Looking ahead, with the advent of the wave of technological change such as 5G communications, artificial intelligence, driverless cars and virtual reality, a great deal of investment opportunities emerging in the A-share market have begun to attract much attention.

Technology stocks lead the global stock market

In 2017, the global stock market handed out a brilliant answer for investors. Technology stocks are the main characters. According to statistics, the US Nasdaq 100 index, which is mainly composed of high-tech growth stocks, has risen 27.48% this year. Hong Kong, China Hang Seng IT industry index, the cumulative increase since the beginning of this year is as high as 86%.

statistics, including Facebook, Apple , Amazon , Netflix, Google parent company Alphabet, , Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba including eight technology companies, growth in market capitalization of 1.4 trillion this year The U.S. dollar is almost the sum of Spain's and Portugal's of their annual GDP of . Hong Kong stocks on

information technology sector, according to statistics, this year a total of 16 stocks rose more than 100%, including Tencent Holdings , BYD electronics, AAC Technologies , ZTE , Pine Technology , Vision Holdings and so on.

Fund Research Member Di Xinghua believes that there are three major reasons for the outstanding performance of technology stocks this year: First, the global economy is better and technology stocks are the leading indicators. The valuation is pushed up with the steady growth of performance. Second, new technologies, new applications emerge in an endless stream, the expectations of the future lead investors sought after. Thirdly, large-scale veteran technology companies have made outstanding achievements this year. Some big-market Internet technology companies in China maintain their astonishing net profit growth expectation, which has led investors to substantially increase the allocation ratio of the science and technology sector. It is noteworthy that in this round of technology stocks bull market, Asian technology stocks rose far higher than the US and European technology stocks. To Tencent Holdings and Alibaba, for example, as of December 12, this year rose 110.5%, respectively, 104.18% over the same period, Facebook, Amazon rose 55.62%, respectively, 55.88%.

More than just fund technology stocks to get on the fast car

Strong overseas technology stocks, directly boosting the investment-related QDII fund's performance. Dongfang Wealth Choice Data shows that as of December 12, EFP China Overseas Standard Internet 50 and BOCOM China Overseas Internet, Harvest Global Internet and Huitianfu have all enjoyed a growth of more than 40% during the year. Look at the top ten positions of the Fund can be found Tencent Holdings, Alibaba, Baidu and other technology are surprisingly Niu column.

"US stocks, the technology companies in Hong Kong stocks are no longer confined to the theme of the concept, but gradually grow into a new blue chip with long-term profitability in the development process, that is, a new generation of 'pretty 50' companies, which is the fund Long-term investment direction. "Shanghai QDII fund manager told reporters.

Apart from QDII funds, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Fund, which can directly invest in the Hong Kong stock market, is also the direct beneficiary. Data show that as of December 12, the Shanghai and Hong Kong deep themed funds this year, the average net increase of 18.25%, the East Hong Hong Kong and Shenzhen Mixed, Jiashi Shanghai and Hong Kong stock selection, Shanghai and Hong Kong into the deep sea of ??innovative hybrid growth and many more Fund's annual rate of return over 40%. Fund Quarterly Bulletin revealed that as of the end of the third quarter, in 78 Shanghai and Shenzhen deep thematic funds, a total of 35 funds Tencent Holdings will be included in the top ten Awkwardness.

Technology Blue Chip or Into the Future New Look

Compared with the US stocks and the Hong Kong stocks, the technology stocks in the A-share market this year are somewhat "mean-isolated". While the Nasdaq 100 index in the United States and Hong Kong's Hang Seng IT index far outperformed the global market, the number of technology stocks in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has dropped nearly 8%.

Not only that, this year, the performance of Internet QDII funds and A-share Internet theme funds is also "bad day." According to statistics, there are 37 funds with the word "Internet" in the name of the market currently, except 37 QDII funds, including 26 active management funds and 11 index funds . Of these, 12 funds recorded negative returns during the year, with the worst performing products losing 24.93%.

In response, insiders analyzed that the absence of the top giants representing the science and technology networks in mainland China led to the lack of performance support and leading effect of A-share technology stocks. However, with the advent of such technological changes as 5G communication, artificial intelligence, driverless cars and virtual reality, a great deal of investment opportunities emerged in the A-share market began to attract attention. A mainstream brokerage selected through the quantitative indicators A shares of the "scarcity of technology 50." These 50 stocks from TMT, bio-pharmaceutical and other high-tech industries, including ZTE , US group , Hikvision and other blue-chip technology. Some institutions think that over the medium to long term, the share of technology stocks in the share of A-share market value may change, and the stock market of technology stocks is expected to spread to A-shares.

"We are very much looking forward to the market of technology stocks next year. On the one hand, the profit growth of the GEM and SME boards has stabilized and recovered in the third quarter of this year." On the other hand, the growth momentum of the technology stocks themselves is a long-term investment direction. "A large fund company in Beijing The fund manager said.





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